CJan Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

Wine Hose

The color of our wine hose is transparent (we can see liquid flowing in the tube), with red spiral reinforcement, and the applicable temperature is -10 to +60 ℃. The standard length of the hose is 10 meters, but it can also be tailored to any length according to the needs of the user. The hose is transparent biological ethylene (PVC) hose, the inner wall is smooth, very strong and soft. It has features of high resistance to mechanical fatigue, resistance to aging and most of the chemicals. The prototype can be maintained in a vacuum and high pressure. It meets the 10/2011 food safety standards of EU for the delivery of A/B/C foods (including the delivery of alcoholic beverages with alcohol less than 20%). It is mainly used for the suction and transportation of water-based food (non-fat food). For example, wine, grape dregs and sweet wine, such as water food containing alcohol less than 20%. The copper wire can also be implanted into the hose. It can be used in places prone to static electricity. It can prevent congestion caused by static electricity and avoid users' electric shock or current impact.
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