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Silicone Tubing Food Grade


Silicone tubing is produced in the use of imported silicone raw material, taking scientific production technology; producing rubber by batch method. It has high tear resistance and high transparency aimed at gaseous phase glue and has characteristics of high and lower hardness of gross robber and functional mixing glue.

The characters of silicone tubing food grade:
1. It is not easy to crack, and has long service life, cold resistance, high temperature resistance.
2. It is soft and elastic, and resistant to kinking and deformation
3. It is non-toxic, odorless, high transparency and no yellowing
4. It has higher tearing strength and superior electrical performance

The applications of silicone tubing food grade:
1. Electrical appliances, instruments and other bushings, profiles
2. Food tube
3. Connecting tubing for food machinery
4. Baby bottles, straws, catheters, and etc
5. Medical equipment, connecting pipe, catheter, and etc.
6. Drinking water machine, coffee pot, suction cup children with connecting pipe, pipe and etc.

Silicone tubing food grade is made of non-toxic, harmless and high safety tableware materials which should be high-level food grade silicone. This material is not smelly, having no taste, is not toxic, and is not toxic to the human body in a timely manner at 120 degrees Celsius; it can also be disinfected under high temperature, and can fully guarantee the cleanliness of the tableware. And the tableware made of advanced food grade silicone has the advantages of being soft and clean. But as the first choice of children's tableware materials, the advantages of it is that it has a protective effect on children's gums.

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