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Exhaust Hose

    The exhaust hose has many uses, and it's common in automobile exhaust hose. Automotive exhaust bellows, also known as automobile exhaust pipe hoses, which are installed in exhaust pipes between engine exhaust manifold and muffler, so that the whole exhaust system is flexibly connected, thereby playing the role of vibration and reducing vibration noise, easy installation and extending the life of the exhaust muffler system. It is mainly used for light-duty vehicles, mini cars and buses. The structure is double-layer corrugated pipe covered with steel wire mesh sleeves, and the straight section of both ends and clamping rings over the outer.In order to make the effect of the noise elimination better, the bellows can be equipped with expansion joints or mesh sleeves. Material: the main material is stainless steel SUS304, the card and the pipe can be made of stainless steel or aluminum plated steel. It can be divided into six parts: general original pipe, back pressure pipe, half back pressure pipe, straight through pipe, half straight pipe, half double valve variable exhaust pipe, variable exhaust pipe and so on.

    The function of the automobile exhaust pipe to the automobile fuselage is to reduce the shock and noise and prolong the life of the exhaust noise reduction system. For the general vehicles, because the pressure of the exhaust gas of vehicles is very high when exhaust fumes leave the engine. Now the the exhaust pipe of the automobile play the main part of noise elimination. The installation of muffler inside greatly reduces the noise of the car. Its main working principle is to divert the air flow through multiple channels, so that the flow velocity of the air flow decreases gradually. The cycle is repeated so that exhaust gas flows through the exhaust pipe of the automobile, and the noise is reduced. Thus the noise reduction effect of the daily car is achieved.
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