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Hose by Function

Hoses are usually classified by its function as suction hose, discharge hose, exhaust hose, delivery hose, insulated hose. The following articles will give you a delicate explanation of each function.
  • Suction HoseDecember 13, 2017Our products are widely used in industry, agriculture, food and medicine, construction, wind power and other industries, such as drainage, oil, low concentration chemicals and other liquids and solid ...view
  • Discharge HoseDecember 13, 2017Discharge hose has the ability of anti-pressure and recovering as the discharge hose of automobile exhaust, it is also can used in some common exhaust system like exhaust fire main, railway aspiration...view
  • Exhaust HoseDecember 13, 2017The exhaust hose has many uses, and it's common in automobile exhaust hose. Automotive exhaust bellows, also known as automobile exhaust pipe hoses, which are installed in exhaust pipes between engine...view
  • Delivery HoseDecember 13, 2017In contrast to the hose that protects, wraps, the sleeve, the conveying hose emphasizes the hose for conveying and suction to the medium. The delivery hose, whether the medium is water, gas, oil, che...view
  • Insulated HoseDecember 13, 2017The insulated hose has the following advantages:The skin effect is low and the unit section is highThe insulated hose adopts the copper pipe as the main conductor. The copper tube is round, and the ch...view
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