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TYPE SLT - Swivel flange with toothed hose shank

TYPE SLT - Swivel flange with toothed hose shank

Swivel flange with toothed hose shank for connecting with another hose closely, no easy to drop.
Other flange standards are available.
Other materials are available.

Remark: Can be customized.

Part no. Material Size Flange standard For hose
SLT013S6-EN16 SS316 1/2" EN PN16 12.7
SLT019S6-EN16 SS316 3/4" EN PN16 19
SLT025S6-EN16 SS316 1" EN PN16 25.4
SLT032S6-EN16 SS316 1-1/4" EN PN16 32
SLT038S6-EN16 SS316 1-1/2" EN PN16 38
SLT040S6-EN16 SS316 1-1/2" EN PN16 40
SLT051S6-EN16 SS316 2" EN PN16 50.8
SLT064S6-EN16 SS316 2-1/2" EN PN16 63.5
SLT065S6-EN16 SS316 2-1/2" EN PN16 65
SLT076S6-EN16 SS316 3" EN PN16 76
SLT080S6-EN16 SS316 3" EN PN16 80
SLT102S6-EN16 SS316 4" EN PN16 102
SLT127S6-EN16 SS316 5" EN PN16 127
SLT152S6-EN16 SS316 6" EN PN16 152

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