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Fuel Hose Fittings

    Fuel hose fittings, namely quick fittings, is composed of O-rings and special engineering plastics shell. In the fuel hose fittings, it adopts double seal rings radial sealing structure. The inner O-ring is made of modified rubber, and it mainly customized for fluids' various physical performance, chemical performance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-swelling, etc.. Separated by middle isolating ring, the outer O-ring make separate activity space for the two seal rings, so that the rubber can not be adhered. The outer O-ring is made of the synthetic rubber, mainly for increasing mechanical performance and  preventing the air aging. The outer baffle is fixed by the self-elastic-socket, and it makes the seal ring and the isolation ring firmly fixed in the shell, so that the seal ring cannot be dropped and shifted, which ensures the connection sealing and security.

    Fuel hose fittings are often used in gasoline and diesel transport systems, or methanol, ethanol, gas transport systems, or their neat emission or volatile releasing control systems. The maximum working pressure of quick fittings can reach 500kPa and 5bar.

    The positive connector shall be inserted into the negative connector when you connect the fuel hose fittings. And the self-locking latch will automatically connect the two fittings together, then pull back to ensure the installation is in place. When you repair and take apart the fuel hose fittings, press and hold the buttons on both ends of the self-locking latch. The self-locking latch will expand by the external force, and then the positive connector will be put out.
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