CJan Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.


    The development of the semiconductor industry in recent years has set all industries to the forefront. Industry is extremely demanding for the cleanliness of fittings such as hoses and fittings. The products supplied are mainly stainless steel metal hose, PFA / PTFE / FEP Teflon tubing, PTFE or FEP lined fittings, fluoride lined valves as well as commonly used fluorine plastic products, among others.
    1. Stainless steel products, PFA or FEP lined products, are all from our own plant and can accept the customization service.
    2. Teflon tubes, which are also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, are our advantage products.
    3. We have provided relevant fittings for famous enterprises in several domestic industries, and maintain cooperation for a long time.

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