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Hose by Medium

  • Fuel HoseDecember 20, 2017Fuel hose has a premium inner layer that provides anti-permeability. And it has a thick cover so that the hose can meet the requirement of high temperature and meanwhile it is cost-effective. As some ...view
  • Air HoseDecember 20, 2017The air hose is made of TPU and high strength plastic reinforcement. It has the characteristics of light, soft, flexibility anti-corrosion, hydrolysis, high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, smal...view
  • Steam HoseDecember 20, 2017The steam hose, like the general industrial hose, is made up of inner glue, outer glue, and interlayer. The rubber tube is composed of the anti-pressure and aging inner rubber layer, the medium layer,...view
  • Oil HoseDecember 20, 2017Oil hose is a versatile industrial hose. Suitable to convey diesel oil, mineral oil, and grease, whose aromatics content is less than or equal to 50%, it can be used as a hydraulic system to return oi...view
  • Chemical HoseDecember 20, 2017The soft wall hose of the chemical hose is PU material, which has the properties of anti-chemical corrosion, lightweight, high abrasion resistance, anti-staining, anti-swelling gas and so on. The chem...view
  • Hot Water HoseDecember 20, 2017The internal and external rubber layers of hot water hose are made of synthetic glue with excellent heat resistance. The tube body has the characteristics of soft, light, flexibility and high-heat res...view
  • Fire HoseDecember 20, 2017The fire hose adopts a new type of equipment and middle layer on the traditional temperature resistant tube. As the fireproof and temperature-resistant medium of the hose, its materials can reach tens...view
  • Gas HoseDecember 20, 2017The gas hose is a special pipe for conveying combustible gases. It is a kind of metal gas hose to replace the traditional rubber hose. It can solve the defects of easy shedding, aging, insect bite and...view
  • Petroleum HoseDecember 20, 2017Petroleum hose that is, fuel pipe. Hose structure tube wall is made up of the multi-layer which is of high-strength and non-toxic polymer film and synthetic fiber fabric layer. There is two spiral met...view
  • Acid HoseDecember 20, 2017Product features:It is made of high-quality PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material and has strong cold resistance. In addition, UPE/XLPE crosslinked polyethylene is good for chemical resistance, oxidation ...view
  • Beer HoseDecember 20, 2017Beer hose is especially suitable for transporting various soft drinks and alcoholic beverage and other liquid drinks, such as beer, juice and potable water. It is widely used in brewery, winery and be...view
  • Water HoseDecember 13, 2017Water hose can be used for overloaded or light water absorption and draining water in farmland, grassland, parks, drought resisting, drain flooded fields, oil field, mine, construction site and indust...view
  • Ash HosesDecember 13, 2017The ash hose has excellent cost performance (patented technology, which can be compressed with thin film packaging, low transportation cost and risk of damage, and the minimum storage space), the best...view
  • Water Cooling HoseDecember 13, 2017The water cooling hose is suitable for mechanical cooling and can also be used on water purification equipment and electrolytic water machine. It can effectively improve the anti-rust ability, prolong...view
  • Medical HoseDecember 13, 2017The company's medical hose can be divided into three kinds: quick hose for pharmaceutical hygiene, sanitary medicine delivery hose and medicine grade hose.With a high level of sanitary and environment...view
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