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Oxygen Hose

    The oxygen hose used to carry oxygen is composed of the inner, outer rubber layer and the middle cotton fiber layer. The entire hose needs special chemical processing to prevent its high combustion.


    Temperature range: - 30 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃;

    Working pressure: 20 bar, blasting pressure: 60 bar;

    Standard: GB-2550/ GGB - 2551.

    Maintain and keep the hose clean and undamaged when storing and using the hose. For example, avoid sunlight exposure, rain and snow leaching, and prevent material contacting with acid, alkali, oil and other organic solvents. Storage temperature for 15 ~ 40 ℃, the heat source shall be not less than 1 m distance.

    When the new hose is in use, it must first remove the talcum powder from the inner wall of the rubber tube and prevent the passageway of the torch from being blocked. In use, we should avoid external extrusion and mechanical damage, do not fold the body.

    The structure of the product:

    According to the national standards, the oxygen hose is red and the working pressure vessel is 1. 5 MPa, inner diameter of rubber tube is 8 mm, outside diameter is 18 mm;

    Internal glue: SBR mixed rubber, black, smooth;

    Enhanced layer: high strength fiber weaving;

    External adhesive: EPDM mixing rubber, colorful, ozone resistance, anti-aging.


    It is suitable for the transmission of oxygen, acetylene, water and non-corrosive liquid for welding and cutting metal. It can also provide propane pipe, LPG tube, nitrogen pipe, air tube, water pipe and other multi-purpose pipes.
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