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PTFE Flexible Hose


Higher standards of leakage prevention
When the flexible hose pipe assembly shall be used for conveying gas, the standard of preventing the leakage will be higher. The inside of flexible hose pipe assembly is arranged as vacuum. The external of it is attached with helium. Flexible hose pipe assembly is installed  the sensor element inside which can detect even the lowest concentration of helium, and then trigger an alarm. The helium atom is the second smallest atom of all elements in the quality and volume of the hydrogen, and using this detection method can be used to prove the tightness of the absolute.

Total cleaning with no residue
The production of flexible hose pipes is a very serious and demanding process. All welded joints must be fully in line with standard chemical processes. In the process of production, similar contaminants such as oils are likely to come into contact with flexible hose pipes. Flexible hose pipes that will be put into the market into the market, will be cleaned thoroughly in our factory in order to prevent unnecessary pollution and influence caused by outside substances.

Shanghai Cunjian Fluid Technology Co., the company commits to provide not only including the product of selling, but also covers the technical expertise and proprietary technology transfer and other services. We will provide technical personnel on-site service for customers, they will participate in the project planning, and provide professional advice.
The training is mainly reflected in the product manual: a detailed description of the safety rules in the process of using of the flexible hose pipe. For example, the minimum bending radius and etc.. When the customers provide feedback issues to the technical personnel, they will solve the problems and give the solution for you.

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