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Plastic Hose Fittings

Plastic hose fitting adopts nylon material, its working temperature at -40~100℃. Generally, as a supporting product of hoses, it can be connected to the cabinet of the equipment, or also can be inserted into the electrical equipment according to the thread input into the inlet and outlet as the internal thread, and only needs to insert the hose into the interface. It is widely used in the field of automotive wiring harness and building engineering field, mechanical electronics, home appliances; railway, locomotive, transportation system engineering, machinery, air conditioning, power plant, chemical industry, power transmission and distribution system, communication system, ships, buildings, plants and the protection of exposed wiring part.

Plastic hose fittings generally used in lock and special body design, handling just plug without other tools, convenient operation, quick installation, and saves, while fixed tightly, not easy to fall off. When we use nylon PA6 material, its sealing design can be waterproof and dustproof, and the effect is considerable. At the same time, it is made of high-strength material so that it has longer service life. The design of high quality and durable engineering plastics is durable.
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