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Maintenance and Use of High Pressure Silicone Hose


High Pressure silicone hose is an important part of ultra-high pressure cleaning machine, It is an important part of connecting nozzle and high pressure pump. The following is a description of the maintenance and operation of high pressure silicone hose.

Maintenance instructions for high pressure silicone hose

High Pressure silicone hose is a high-strength wound coil, it is not a garden hose, so it must be treated like a high pressure vessel. Please read carefully and understand the manual operation of high pressure water jet equipment as high pressure water transmission;

Check the hose wear, damage and surface stains before use;

Check for damage, stains, scars, abuse or other damage to hose joints and threads, it could cause parts to fly out;

Before use, you should know all the pressure of the hose and the pressure of blasting;

Clean and filtered water is used as the working medium to prolong the life of high pressure silicone hose. High sulphur content in some plants may corrode stainless steel wire;

After use, we should wash, dry and coil the hose. And the soap water can clean the hose effectively;

We should wear protective gloves, eye masks and protective clothing when operating high pressure silicone hose and high power water gun.

Precautions for the use of high pressure silicone hose

Do not use cut or wire exposed hose;
Do not use a twisted hose with winding wire;
Do not use hoses with bubbles or blisters on the surface of the hose;
Do not exceed the allowable bending radius and working pressure of each hose;
Do not use heavy appliances to move or crush on the hose;
Do not use tubes that have been chemically corroded or overheated;
Do not use waste water containing sulphide water, and tests show that water from chemical plants and refineries can reduce the life of the hose;
Do not bend the hose or drag the heavy equipment with the hose on the scaffold.

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