CJan Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.

Steel Hose Fittings

Product features:

1. Earthquake resistance and safety

a. The hose produced by the company has the resistance to tension. Under the pressure of 0.02 MPa, it can be extended by 40% when subjected to 1.8 KN tensile load. The hose is safe and free from air leakage. It can effectively avoid the danger of explosion of gas pipe caused by earthquake, foundation settlement and building cracking.

b. The soft and flexible hose produced by the company can be flexion freely. Without the bending of the pipe section, the pipe has no interface in the middle, which greatly reduces the number of connections and reduces the safety hazard.

2. Long service life

The hoses produced by our company adopt austenitic stainless steel (SUS304), external track flame retardant PVC protective sleeve, the service life up to 50 years. One investment, life-long benefit, the relative cost is the lowest.

3. Easy to install

The softness of the hose produced by our company is excellent, can be bent arbitrarily, the length is optional, and will be intercepted at will. The supporting pipe fittings are simple in installation, on-site construction and installation, can create and rubuild gas pipelines without changing thebuilding decoration facilities, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of construction.

4. Beauty

The hose produced by our company is adapted to the aesthetic requirements of modern urban people, using dark compress and buried wall laying, and put an end to the pipeline exposure. When installed, the hose looks bright color, pleasing to the eye, adapted to the aesthetic view.
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