CJan Fluid Technology Co., Ltd.



CJan's disposable bags mainly use 0.325 mm thick five layer coextrusion film which is suitable for use in 2D reservoir bag, 3D reservoir bag, stirring bag, reactor bag, weighing bag, dosing bag, etc. with good physical strength, chemical compatibility as well as biocompatibility, can meet the storage and transport needs of various types of Solutions in biopharmaceutical processes.In addition, we can be equipped with a whole set of transshipment tools, such as round plastic buckets, plastic folded square boxes, plastic trays, material transfer vehicles, etc., to make the transportation process more convenient.

- Full quality system validation
Employing innovative systems and R & D platforms
Devices are simple to use and enable functional integration
Components were designed to be fully ergonomic
Compact structure and simple configuration
Program design ease of use
Document of use and perfect after sales service available
Telephone, video and on-site technical support
All directions to meet customer needs

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