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Prospects For Future Development Of Plastic Tubing


In recent years, more and more cosmetics manufacturing enterprises have begun to pay attention to environmental protection issues. Green and environmentally friendly packaging is going to become a trend. At present, aluminum-plastic composite hose pipe is still the main packaging material of high-barrier products, which consumes a lot of resources and is very difficult to recycle. Replacing aluminum foil with barrier materials such as EVOH and SiOx coated film can not only achieve high barrier property but also be recycled. But because of the high cost, its widespread use is limited. On the other hand, the development and application of degradable plastics have alleviated the environmental problems to some extent. The Nature Works polymer produced by American Nature Works LLC is a kind of polylactic acid resin, which can be used for processing various plastic and packaging and has very good biodegradability.

At the same time, composite hose pipe with protectiveness, functionality and decorativeness is going to grab more market share in the future. Multi-layer co-extrusion hose pipe will gradually replace the single-layer co-extrusion one, which further enhances the protection of cosmetics. In addition, using advanced technology to minimize the visibility of plastic tubing joints will also be one of the future trends, so that the plastic tubing looks more beautiful.

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