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Slurry Hose

    The slurry hose of slurry is used for a series of exercises such as construction engineering, drainage, sludge and so on. It is also suitable for dredging facilities of harbour, river and lake dregding dregding facilities for pumping slurry. In addition, the core shaft rubber tube is used for lime slurry, mud, gypsum, concrete water, dust particles, sandblasting transport, especially in harsh environment. The general use of temperature of -40 (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) to +85 (+185 degrees Fahrenheit).

    The slurry hose is usually made of special rubber with good wear resistance, and it is safe and reliable to use.  Its outer layer is black, smooth synthetic rubber, with the characteristics of anti aging, four seasons soft, non-toxic and tasteless, corrosion resistance, wear, ozone and other. The inner layer is black, smooth and special synthetic rubber, and it is wear-resistant. The reinforced layer is a high strength synthetic core.

    In some buildings, wharves and the casting operation of wear resistant grain for special vehicles, the slurry hose is made of antistatic rubber and can completely remove static electricity, it is easy to transport large quantities of wear-resistant materials such as cement, sand, silica sand or other wear materials.

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