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Fire Hose

    The fire hose adopts a new type of equipment and middle layer on the traditional temperature resistant tube. As the fireproof and temperature-resistant medium of the hose, its materials can reach tens of microns or even a few micrometers, and have the advantages of small filtration resistance.

    The internal heat conduction is limited by the material itself. The fire hose is strong and pliable to be used to install the pressurized hose on the scrolls of the fire truck, conveying fire extinguishing or extinguishing liquid.

    Structure: a small diameter of material, which greatly increases the surface area of the material and the freedom of heat dissipation on the surface. The heat transferring speed and the material's temperature dispersion ability are increased, thus the heat transferring efficiency and conduction coefficient and heat are increased. In order to give full play to the specialty of fire hose fire prevention, add fireproof layer to the filter layer of hose, and increase the melting point to reduce the cross-section of heat flux and increase the density. The diameter and gap between the corresponding filter layers are gradually reduced, and the air and oxygen in the middle are compressed.

    Maintenance: when the outer surface meets the fire, the external equipment can be transmitted to the outside, and the liquid nitrogen is discharged quickly through temperature control. As the impurity is accumulated in the medium layer, it gradually forms a layer of the filter cake, which is about 5-10 microns thick, which affects the sensitivity of the sensor. Therefore, the media layer must be cleaned every six months after installation, which can be operated by the background personnel of the Internet of things.
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