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Hose Fittings


CJan Company is recognized as a leading hose fittings manufacturers for the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, biopharm, cosmetic and many other industries. Being a part of nature, we commit ourselves making sanitary and safety products to bring everyone a better life!

Tech Control is well equipped with the most advanced facilities, and is staffed by experienced and dedicated craftsmen.

We are happy and proud that our success is not based on only total manufacturing know-how and daily innovation, but also the strictest inspection in every production phase. With such successful experience, we bring our products with the following befits to share with clients: more safety, lower cost, higher quality, long service life and better efficiency.

Each piece of Tech Control's stainless steel pipe fittings, is produced under the strictest material control and highest precision engineered to meet the world-class sanitary standards and safty requirements. In addition, the excellent metallurgical characteristics and rigid dimensions are favored by all piping engineers. Tech Control, offers a complete line of standard and specialty fittings, for the processors to have various kinds of choices, the connection styles include Butt Weld, Expanding, and Hose Adapter, product catalogs are available upon request.

  • TYPE FLT - Hose Fittings

    TYPE FLT - Hose Fittings

    Fixed flange with toothed hose shank for connect with another hose closely, no easy to drop.Other flange standards are available.Other materials are available.R...

  • TYPE SFN - Hose Fittings

    TYPE SFN - Hose Fittings

    Female fitting with smooth hose shank with nutFitting standard: SMSShank standard: EN14420-5/DIN2817Nut material: SS304Assembly: safety clampOther materials are...

  • TYPE TC-3A - Hose Fittings

    TYPE TC-3A - Hose Fittings

    Fitting standard: 3A.Other fitting standards are available.Other materials are available.Remark: Can be customized.

  • TYPE TC - DIN - Hose Fittings

    TYPE TC - DIN - Hose Fittings

    Fitting standard: SMS.Other fitting standards such as 3A, DIN, ISO etc can also be available.Other materials are available.Remark: Can be customized.

  • TYPE SFE - Hose Fittings

    TYPE SFE - Hose Fittings

    Other materials are available.Remark: Can be customized.

  • TYPE CT - Hose Fittings

    TYPE CT - Hose Fittings

    Tri clamp fitting for composite hose.Tri clamp dish standard: 3A.Remark: Can be customized.

  • TYPE CM - Hose Fittings

    TYPE CM - Hose Fittings

    Male thread fitting for composite hose.Other thread are available.Remark: Can be customized.

  • TYPE CC - Hose Fittings

    TYPE CC - Hose Fittings

    Female camlock for composite hose.CAMLOCK standard: A-A-59326/DIN 2828Other threads are available.Remark: Can be customized.

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