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Pneumatic Hose

    This product hose is made of new polyurethane raw material (100% PU, PU tube has excellent softness, high pressure resistance, vibration resistance, wear resistance, is suitable for big bend place), does not contain any other materials; The color ingredient (color master batch) also uses 100% high purity PU polyurethane raw materials as the carrier. Hardness of 85 A-95 A (selected for seasonal variation) And the product of our company is suitable for all kinds of pneumatic tools, pneumatic machinery, automotive industry, factory equipment, construction machine, paint, architecture and various mobile tool fittings, gas pipeline, oil transfer lines, no corrosive chemical water circulation and the general industry water.

    The product also has the following characteristics:

    1. Excellent flexibility, less bending radius,  resistant to winding, high elastic recovery memory effect, easy to use, easy to pipe operation;
    2. It is resistant to wear, tear and impact;
    3. It can resist parts of non-corrosive chemicals and oils, circulate flammable objects, and can be fused.
    4. It can be incinerated 100% into ash and is a recognized environmental product.
    5. Good damping, smooth inner wall, low friction coefficient, high passing capacity of medium; Good flame retardant, non-toxic and tasteless;
    6. High precision control of internal and external diameter, suitable for all kinds of quick-twist joints and quick interpolation joints;
    7. The applicable temperature range is - 20 ℃ to + 80 ℃, a short period of time can be up to + 80 ℃.
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