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Tips for Silicone Tubing Medical Grade


Silicone tubing medical grade, adopting raw materials of medical silicone rubber, precision molds and metal sulfide to extrude molding vertically, whose smooth lumen, standard size, uniform wall thickness, high tear-resistant, high elasticity, long time non-fading yellow, no volatile, no odor and no plasticizer enable it to meet the testing standard of food hygiene, medicine pharmacopoeia and medical treatment, etc. It shares a normal service life for more than 10 years.

Characteristics of Silicone Tubing Medical Grade

1. Allowing repeated high temperature and high pressure sterilization, it can also be disinfected by ethylene oxide.

2. It is resistant for weak acid, weak alkali, chemical reagent and liquid alcohol.

3. Complying with U.S. medical grade FDA certification.

4. Using temperature: -60℃~200℃.

Technical Indicators】

Performance ; Performance index ; test method

Tear resistance: ≥3.5MPaGB/T        1040

Elongation at break: ≥200%GB/T   1040

Specification Sheet of Silicone Tubing Medical Grade】

1. Dimensions ( inner diameter d, outer diameter D ) : customized according to requirements

2. Dimensional tolerance: ±0.1mm, Some dimensions can reach to ±0.05mm

3. Color: customized according to requirements

4. Hardness: Shore Hardness 30A~80A

5. Printing fonts and LOGO as required

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