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Fluid Equipment

CJan - Fluid equipment company insists on technical development, continuous product innovation to make our products to meet various industry’s international standard. CJAN provides water guns and hose reels, and other fluid equipment.

CJanCompany is recognized as a leading manufacturer of the fluid equipment for the dairy, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, biopharm, cosmetic and many other industries. Being a part of nature, we commit ourselves making sanitary and safety products to bring everyone a better life!

Tech Control is well equipped with the most advanced facilities and is staffed by experienced and dedicated craftsmen.

We are happy and proud that our success is not based on only total manufacturing know-how and daily innovation, but also the strictest inspection in every production phase. With such successful experience, we bring our products with the following befits to share with clients: more safety, lower cost, higher quality, long service life and better efficiency.

Each piece of Tech Control's best water gun, steel reel and so on, is produced under the strictest material control and highest precision engineered to meet the world-class sanitary standards and safety requirements. In addition, the excellent metallurgical characteristics and rigid dimensions are favoured by all piping engineers. Tech Control, offers a complete line of standard and speciality products, for the processors to have various kinds of choices, the connection styles include Butt Weld, Expanding, and Hose Adapter, product catalogues are available upon request.

CJan prioritizes 'High Value in Price, Efficient Production Time and Excellent After-Sales Services' as our tenet. Welcome to contact us.

  • TYPE HF - High Flow Water Gun

    TYPE HF - High Flow Water Gun

    TYPE HFHIGH FLOW WATER GUN. Description: The HF water gun was specifically designed to prevent accidental spray. Its unique cover design is not only durable but...

  • TYPE CSQ - Water-saving Gun

    TYPE CSQ - Water-saving Gun

    TYPE CSQ water-saving gun. Applications:The CSQ water-saving gun is extremely tough and has a long service life thanks to its high-quality brass/stainless steel...

  • Type JZ10-OLS - Stainless steel reels

    Type JZ10-OLS - Stainless steel reels

    Type JZ10-OLSS, tainless steel reels. Construction: Stainless steel reels is made in high quality 304 SS, corrosion-resistant stainless steel reels prolong hose...

  • Type JZ10-OLP - Carbon steel reels

    Type JZ10-OLP - Carbon steel reels

    Type JZ10-OLP - Carbon steel reels. Construction: Carbon steel reels is made in high quality Carbon steel, the features include durable, corrosion-resistant pow...

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