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Beer Hose

Beer hose is especially suitable for transporting various soft drinks and alcoholic beverage and other liquid drinks, such as beer, juice and potable water. It is widely used in brewery, winery and beverage factories. It is suitable for suction and transport application.


Hose lining: BIIR rubber (90TR), white, odorless, tasteless, smooth and mirror-like.

External rubber: complex rubber, orange, resistance to wear, atmospheric corrosion resistance, aging resistance, smooth and cloth surface.

Enhancement layer: high-strength multideck complex fiber and implanting screw-type metal steel-wire.

Temperature: ﹣40℃ to +120℃

Using no more than 30 minutes under the steam at a temperature of 130℃ or washing and disinfecting with no more than 5% soda water.

Color: transparent color with ivory tint rigid PVC spiral reinforcing rib.

Characteristic: food grade polyether urethane milk delivery soft tube, it has shock-proof rigid PVC spiral reinforcing rib with smooth wall and helical outside surface. It has lightweight, resistance to wear and good racking resistance. It also has good mechanical property and chemical substance resistance. It meets the standard of European food contact safety 10/2011.

Application: suction and transport of food and drinks, it is especially suitable for transporting goods with resistance to wear, such as cereal, granulated sugar, fodder, and flour. It also can be used for liquid good whose alcoholic strength is no more than 20% and greaseless food.
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