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Insulated Hose

    The insulated hose has the following advantages:

    The skin effect is low and the unit section is high

    The insulated hose adopts the copper pipe as the main conductor. The copper tube is round, and the charge is evenly distributed, unlike the rectangular bus, which has the edges and corners and its surface charge is easy to gather around the edges, causing local heat of the bus and energy waste.

    Good heat dissipation

    The insulated hose is used as the main material of copper tube. The middle is hollow. The hot air can form air convection inside the conductor. The heat dissipation condition is good. The conventional rectangular busbar and cable can not achieve this effect.

    High stress, large span, high mechanical strength

    The short circuit electric power that the insulated hose can withstand is far greater than the rectangular bus. The span of the copper tube bus can reach up to nine meters, and if it is supported by a double steel frame, it can reach the maximum distance of 14 meters, which can be connected directly to the high pressure chamber and switch with cabinets or reactors. The mainstay insulators, busbar gold tools and civil engineering needed for the conventional busbar are reduced.

    High insulation performance and high stability of main insulation material

    The multiple shielding layers ensure that the charge distribution on the surface of each layer of insulation layer is uniform and avoid the partial discharge of the insulating layer surface. It is not interfered by the electric and magnetic fields of other phase buses, and the main insulation material is polytetrafluoroethylene which has excellent electrical and chemical stability, low dielectric loss, flame retardancy, aging resistance and long service life.
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