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Several Basic Types of Teflon Tube


1. PTFE (PTFE, also known as F4): can be used at 260 for continuous use, with the highest temperature 290-300, very low friction coefficient, good wear resistance and excellent chemical stability, also known as "plastic king", the color is white, generally used in lined with fluorine pipe, valve, seal, bar, etc.

2. FEP (PTFE and six fluorine propylene copolymer, also known as F46): with excellent chemical stability, excellent non stick properties, the highest use temperature of 200 degrees, the color is transparent, corrosion resistance and PTFE is quite, generally used for lining fluorine pump or whole fluorine pump.

3. PFA () PFA has the advantage of higher continuous use temperature of 260 degrees, more rigid, especially suitable for use in high temperature conditions for the use of anti adhesion and chemical resistance.
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