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The Key Protection Points of Convoluted Tubing


In the actual construction activities and the using process of convoluted tubing, there will be a number of reasons for the damage of convoluted tubing. This is where we should pay attention to. Here are the main protection points of convoluted tubing.
Convoluted Tubing

1. The convoluted tubing that is transported to the site should be piled up neatly. Do not tread on the convoluted tubing.

2. The convoluted tubing should be covered to prevent the premature ageing caused by wind and rain.

3. The cut of convoluted tubing should be flat but not bevel.

4. The joint method of the convoluted tubing: the joint of convoluted tubing should be wrapped in the 0.3-meter-long large convoluted tubing, and the two terminals shall be partially tightened, and there shall be no gaps in the middle. In order to ensure that there is no space in the middle, the end of the two joints should be marked. Wrap the joints in tape tightly in case of the leak.

5. The position of the convoluted tubing should be accurate, especially the part which is close to the joint. The distance of the convoluted tubing’s spacer bar is 0.5 meters and shall not be shortened.

6. When the steel bar comes close to the convoluted tubing, it is necessary to take measures to protect the convoluted tubing from being burned. If it is burned, the burn should be covered with duct tape.

7. Considering the gradual reduction in the number of convoluted tubing, all components that clash with the convoluted tubing should be used to avoid the convoluted tubing.

8. When pouring concrete, do not pour towards the convoluted tubing. The vibratory stick can't collide with the convoluted tubing. It is forbidden to vibrate with convoluted tubing held between two immersion battery vibrators. Especially when the abdominal plate vibrates, it is forbidden to vibrate in the same position for a long time, and the vibrating time shall not be more than 20 seconds.

9. Pay attention to protecting the convoluted tubing which is leaking at the ends when the die is removed.

These points need to be taken seriously, and these problems can be avoided by paying attention to and carefulness during construction. If any of these problems occur, the convoluted tubing can be damaged and should be replaced immediately, so as not to cause damage.

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