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The Basic Information of Polyethylene Tubing


Polypropylene: is also called PP for short. Polypropylene is the representative of Poly-α-olefine, a thermoplastic resin produced by polymerization of propylene, whose monomer is propylene CH2 = ch-ch3. According to the different initiator and polymerization process, polypropylene can be divided into three configurations, such as isometric polypropylene, non-normal polypropylene and polypropylene. The same side of the methyl groups are arranged in the main chain of the molecule called isotactic polypropylene, if methyl chaotic is arranged at both sides of the main chain molecules, it is called atactic polypropylene. When both sides of the methyl are arranged alternately in the main chain of the molecule, it is called syndiotactic polypropylene.

The polypropylene resin produced by general industry, the content of the isotactic structure is about 95%, and the rest is the non-regulation or the polypropylene. Industrial products are the main components of such commodities. The polypropylene is easily formed with crystalline state, with a crystallinity of up to 95% and a molecular weight of between 8-150 thousand, which gives it good heat resistance and solvent resistance. The non - normal polypropylene is a noncrystalline, microbelt viscous white wax in room temperature, with a low molecular weight, in the 3000-10000 structure, the structure is not neat and lacks cohesive force, and the application is less.
PP is a semi-crystalline material. It is tougher than PE and has a higher melting point, but it is not as resistant to oxidation as PE.
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