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Peristaltic Pump Tubing


Peristaltic pump tubing commonly used materials are silicone rubber, plastic elastomer, PVC, fluororubber and so on. The principle of the peristaltic pump conveying liquid is that the roller connected by the rotor continuously squeezes the pump tube, and the pressure between the roller and the pump head is used to continuously transport the liquid. The peristaltic pump used in water quality monitoring, laboratory, medical equipment, biopharmaceutical transmission and other applications often needs long-term operation in corrosive environment. Especially when transporting chemical solvents or high and low pH liquids, the peristaltic pump tube contacts more corrosive reagents and has longer continuous operation time. The long-term high-strength extrusion of peristaltic pump tube in corrosive environment will inevitably affect its extrusion Elasticity (recovery of the cavity full state before extrusion), and affect the uniformity of the inner diameter of the pipeline, thus affecting the delivery accuracy of the peristaltic pump. Therefore, the peristaltic pump tube needs to have precise size, good corrosion resistance, low elastic deformation and excellent wear resistance.

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