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High standard process for food silicone tube


Food grade steel wire silicone tube with platinum vulcanization process, in the clean room production can be carried out by CIP and sip cleaning. The structure of the silica gel hose steel wire, reticulate, fiberglass fabric, such as enhanced, by transparent, translucent, white, red, blue, etc. a variety of colors to choose from, food grade wire silicon hose is mainly to transport drugs, food, edible oil, beverage, milk, cosmetic, such as pure water medium, for filling and weighing equipment. According to FDA, USP, BFR, USDA, ISO 10993, can be through the pharmaceutical GMP certification; the food grade silicone wire features:

Structure: Platinum cured silicone tube, built-in stainless steel wire reinforced, temperature range: - 60 DEG C to + 200 degrees C (260 DEG C can be customized), color: Standard for translucent, can be customized to the other colors, smooth inner wall, appearance of anti adhesion, resistant to vacuum, CIP and SIP cleaning, Fu certification: FDA, USP, BFR, USDA, ISO 10993, length: length standard for 4 or 6 metres.
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