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The Characteristics and Use Range of Silicon Rubber Tubing


Silicone rubber is a new type of elastic polymer material, it has excellent resistance to high temperature (250-300 ℃) and low temperature performance (-40-60 ℃), and it has good physical stability. Silicone rubber can withstand repeated harsh and disinfection conditions, with the characteristics of excellent resilience and permanent deformation, ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistance, radiation resistance and so on, so the silicone rubber tubing made of silicone rubber are excellent.

[In terms of electrical properties]

When it encounters water or the temperature rises, it has small changes, even if encounters the short circuit burns, the generated silicon dioxide is still insulator. This ensures that electrical equipment can continue to work, so it is best to make wires, cables and wires.

[Surface performance]

Comb water, not stick to many materials, so it has the function of isolation.

[Range of application]

Because of the excellent performance of silicone rubber, it can solve the supporting needs of defense military and civilian industrial equipment.

1. Transportation: application in shipbuilding industry: automobile brake rubber cap. The cup, hose, sealing ring, shaft seal of exhaust system, spark plugs, point of the line of fire, piston ring, the rotor engine is dynamically used in the "O" ring. Marine shockproof parts, hydraulic system seals, oil seals, etc.

2. Radio, motor: high-voltage cap in television and oscilloscope. Sealing ring and insulating sleeve of potentiometer. The shell of a silicon controlled tube, seal the electric head, insulation of motor stator coil, contact gas sealing ring, insulated sleeve, switch protective cover, electronic computer, telephone surface conductive rubber chip, keyboard switch, pressure sensitive resistance, etc.

3. Instrument, instrument industry: it can be made into the diaphragm of sensitive elements in various regulators, the instrument used for heating film, and the needle-resistant rubber sheet (high-made silicone rubber), indicator light colored lamp sleeve, drying oven, the electric stove, far infrared heater door seal, insert, sponge door seals (replace poisonous asbestos door seals), the seal of the boiler, the sealing and hose of the refrigeration unit, instrument shock absorber, various silicon pipe leads (used for electric radiators, coil, transformer, instrument transformer, the wire of the refrigerator)refrigerator line, heater wire etc.

4. Aviation industry: it can be made into fuel oil, hydraulic oil system pump sealing ring, oil seal, various flame retardant silicone rubber parts, a sealing ring for oxygen supply system, the diaphragm, valves, etc.

5. Medical services: it can be made into various catheters, drainage tubes, silicone rubber bionic products, etc.

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