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Stainless steel microporous filter

Stainless steel microporous filter

Stainless steel microporous filter

Product overview
Stainless steel microporous filter for the aseptic liquid filtration and fine filtration, all materials in contact with the material liquid by SS316 or SS304 stainless steel materials manufacturing, and mechanical and electrolytic polishing, can provide excellent durability and biggest pit corrosion resistance. Structure without health dead Angle, the filter drain valve, relief valve, imported material liquid and filter plugs are easy to clean, can be completely sterilized health, drain thoroughly, no residual liquid.
Technical parameters
Import and export: flange, Tri-clamp, welding
Pressure gauge interface: DN38 Tri-clamp
Cylinder connection: flange, Tri-clamp
Filter port: plug in 222, in 226, 215, 220, M30
Operating conditions
Sterilization: 121℃/30Min
Clamp and bolt: SS304
Filter specifications: 5”, 10”,  20”, 30”, 40”
Filtration precision: 0.05um、0.1um、0.22um、0.45um、1.0um、5um
The maximum operating pressure: 0-2.0MPa
The filter shell: SS316L, SS304
Cylinder seals
Silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, epdm rubber, PTFE
Surface polishing
Mechanical or electrolytic polishing, casing surfaceRa﹤0.4um
filter element

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