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PFA Union Tee Reducer - UTRA

PFA Union Tee Reducer - UTRA

PFA Union Tee Reducer - UTRA

it is specially used in high-purity semiconductor industry, and also suitable for ultra pure water or corrosive chemicals. It can maintain good dimensional stability and corrosion resistance between - 40 ℃ and 200 ℃, and has good mechanical characteristics and wear resistance.
Material: PFA
Interface type: flared connection
Maximum operating temperature: 200 ℃
Maximum service pressure: 0.7MPa
Applicable medium: liquid
*Nuts are available in PFA and PVDF.
*PVDF is not suitable for applications exceeding 120℃

Part No. Tube OD X*Y*Z Orifice A B1 B2 C
(inch) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
UTRA0604041 3/8"*1/4"*1/4" 3.81mm 86.87mm 44.70mm 42.16mm 42.16mm
UTRA0604061 3/8"*1/4"*3/8" 3.81mm 89.41mm 44.70mm 44.70mm 42.16mm
UTRA0606041 3/8"*3/8"*1/4" 3.81mm 86.87mm 44.70mm 42.16mm 44.70mm
UTRA0804041 1/2"*1/4"*1/4" 3.81mm 89.66mm 47.50mm 42.16mm 42.16mm
UTRA0804061 1/2"*1/4"*3/8" 3.81mm 92.20mm 47.50mm 44.70mm 42.16mm
UTRA0804081 1/2"*1/4"*1/2" 3.81mm 95.00mm 47.50mm 47.50mm 42.16mm
UTRA0806061 1/2"*3/8"*3/8" 6.35mm 92.20mm 47.50mm 44.70mm 44.70mm
UTRA0806081 1/2"*3/8"*1/2" 6.35mm 95.00mm 47.50mm 47.50mm 44.70mm
UTRA0808041 1/2"*1/2"*1/4" 3.81mm 89.66mm 47.50mm 42.16mm 47.50mm
UTRA0808061 1/2"*1/2"*3/8" 9.65mm 92.20mm 47.50mm 44.70mm 47.50mm
UTRA1204121 3/4"*1/4"*3/4" 3.81mm 112.78mm 56.39mm 56.39mm 42.16mm
UTRA1206121 3/4"*3/8"*3/4" 6.35mm 112.78mm 56.39mm 56.39mm 44.70mm
UTRA1208081 3/4"*1/2"*1/2" 9.65mm 103.89mm 56.39mm 47.50mm 47.50mm
UTRA1208121 3/4"*1/2"*3/4” 9.65mm 112.78mm 56.39mm 56.39mm 47.50mm
UTRA1212061 3/4"*3/4"*3/8" 6.35mm 101.09mm 56.39mm 44.70mm 56.39mm
UTRA1212081 3/4"*3/4"*1/2" 9.65mm 103.89mm 56.39mm 47.50mm 56.39mm
UTRA1604161 1"*1/4"*1" 3.81mm 137.16mm 68.58mm 68.58mm 51.31mm
UTRA1606161 1"*3/8"*1" 6.35mm 137.16mm 68.58mm 68.58mm 54.40mm
UTRA1608161 1"*1/2"*1" 9.65mm 137.16mm 68.58mm 68.58mm 57.40mm
UTRA1612161 1"*3/4"*1" 16.00mm 137.16mm 68.58mm 68.58mm 56.39mm
UTRA1612121 1"*3/4"*3/4" 16.00mm 124.97mm 68.58mm 56.39mm 56.39mm
UTRA1616081 1"*1"*1/2" 9.65mm 124.97mm 68.58mm 56.39mm 68.58mm
UTRA1616121 1"*1"*3/4” 16.00mm 124.97mm 68.58mm 56.39mm 68.58mm

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