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Petroleum Hose

    Petroleum hose that is, fuel pipe. Hose structure tube wall is made up of the multi-layer which is of high-strength and non-toxic polymer film and synthetic fiber fabric layer. There is two spiral metal wired frame fastening both inside and outside, using electrostatic design, with metal wire material made of the carbon steel, food grade stainless steel and other materials.

    Main purposes: for the transportation of the fuel, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, coolant whose content of aromatics is not more than 50% (such as ethylene glycol or ethylene glycol antifreeze solution, etc.), and water, gas, and non-oxidizing detergent; transporting medium solvents such as benzene, acetone, methanol, amines, latex, propylene, ethylene glycol, asphalt, 120 # gasoline and other chemicals; transporting medium acid and alkali such as dilute acid, concentrated acid, liquid caustic soda. It is suitable for suction and discharges pipe in the reservoir of the petrochemical industry. The transmission medium is liquefied petroleum gas composite hose.

    Product Scope: Large, middle-size and small ports such as oil tankers, tanker refueling, tanker draining the oil, large, medium and small petrochemical refinery transportation of oil and fuel, large and medium-sized plant and animal oil refinery delivery of refined oil, tanker transport of petroleum and fuel, aircraft refueling, railway train fuel, the petrochemical storage , transportation companies and so on .

    The characteristics of explosion-proof hose oil: the use of new materials, new craftwork, new technology. It develops from a special process, with light, soft, flexible, resistance to positive (negative) pressure, acid and alkali, high temperature, a reliable electrostatic export system. The outer and end of the metal is copper and aluminum. If it collides with the reservoir, it doesn't make sparks.
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