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Dry Ice Hose

  • TYPE DI - DRY ICE HOSETYPE DI - DRY ICE HOSEJune 2, 2017TYPE DI DRY ICE HOSE Applications: It is specially used for transporting dry ice for spraying and cleaning, and can be applied to special sand blasting service industry of specific industrial sector. Technical characteristics: Outer rubber layer orMORE
Dry ice hose is the one exclusively used for spraying, cleaning the dry ice and transporting the dry ice, which is applied in particular industry and special sandblasting and cleaning service industry. The hose can endure the low temperature with -60℃. And it is super wear-resistant and has dynamic bending resistance.

Dry ice cleaning can be also called dry ice cold jet cleaning, carbon dioxide cleaning, or low temperature cleaning. Making use of the embrittlement exposure produced when dry ice particles with ultra-low temperature makes contact with the surface of the dirt which begins to shrink and be loosen. After that, the dry ice particles will evaporate instantly and expand to produce powerful stripping force which will remove the dirt quickly and thoroughly from the surface of the metal. Because there is no chemistry detergent, the object being washed will not be damaged. In addition, the dry ice will do no harm to the Earth, which harbors the characteristics of being environmental friendly, economic and safe, etc.. The suitable temperature for using it is -60℃to 90℃.

The dry ice hose in our company applies export packaging with double protection standard, inner layer with transparent PE film winding, and outer woven belt winding. According to the customer's needs, there is also a specific length tailoring, or carton packing, and tray packing. And its environment standard also meets the requirements of the EU's environmental protection standard-ROHS.
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