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Instructions for the Use of Industrial High Pressure Water Gun


High pressure cleaning machine, high pressure water jet cleaning machine also known as high pressure water gun, which makes high pressure plunger pump generate high pressure water to wash the surface of the object through power plant. when the impact of water is greater than the dirt and the surface adhesion of the subject, high pressure water will be stripped and swept.

First of all, reading instructions provided by the supplier in detail and choosing the appropriate power supply line and power supply box according to the power and the voltage of the water gun. Attention must be paid to the power supply which is 380V, otherwise, the motor will be burned. In addition, the voltage instability can overload and burn the motor, too. Another point easily be overlooked is that small sectional area of the power cord will enable the passing current dissatisfy the required current of the motor, thus causing instable working pressure of the water gun. Then, selecting the appropriate intake pipe according to its flow. Most of the equipment use 6 points of water pipe, if it is too thin, the pressure of the flow will not keep up, causing the increasement wear and tear of seals.

Second, bearing in mind that high pressure pipe should not be linked to the outlet of the water gun at first. After opening headwaters, water will flow from outlet and if not, you need to check the water pressure and one-way valve in crankshaft pump to see if there is any problem. For the ex-factory machine will join the antifreeze test machine, making water gun in operation for 1 minute without the connection of high pressure pipe. Then, connecting the high pressure pipe and the water gun, in order to avoid severe jitter, operating for about 2 minutes without nozzle to squeeze out the air in high pressure pipe.

At last, pay attention to some details:

Generally speaking, the maintenance work of industrial-grade high power water gun cannot be excessive. That is to say, it can be safely used if there is no abnormal situation in pressure, flow and heating.

Usually, strong water pressure from industrial high pressure water gun is enough to remove dirt thoroughly, which makes high pressure cleaning machine be industry-recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly, economical and scientific way of cleaning.

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