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Air Hose Fittings

    The following points should be paid attention to when the air hose fitting is used: do not use for purposes other than fluids; Do not apply to fluids other than appropriate fluid; Do not exceed the maximum use pressure; do not use it outside the range of temperature to prevent the deformation of the sealing material and easily lead to the formation of leakage; Do not make artificial blows, bend, stretch, prevent damage; Do not use it where there mix with metal powder or sand and dust. You can use the quick fitting here, which can be used in very bad condition and ensure long service life. The attachment of debris can result in poor work or leakage; Do not remove the quick fitting.

    It is necessary to pay attention to the selection of the specific type of the fitting. According to the fluid, the suitable material of the body and the sealing material are different. For example, if the fast fitting is air, the steel is recommended. If it is water, it is made of brass or stainless steel. The pressure of the fluid is also the key to the selection of fast fitting. The rapid fitting used for oil pressure is a serialization between 5.0 Mpa (51 kgf/cm²) -68.6 Mpa (700 kgf/cm²). Corresponding to the pressure resistance characteristics, the structure of the fast fitting is also different. Considering the humidity, dust and corrosive environment, the type, material and seal material of fast fitting should be selected. In the use of different brand products, it will be better to use the same brand of Yin head and Yang head. If it is necessary to cross - use, you'd better consult the technical personnel of the supplier then use it until it is confirmed.
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