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Pneumatic Hose Fittings

    The characteristics of pneumatic hose fittings are: It's easy and fast to install, it's simple, dexterous and space-saving; It has many forms so that can meet the needs of any pneumatic tube; After installing, hose can turn at random; The release ring adopted elliptic design, which is easy to dismount; All intravertebral thread will paint pre-applied coatings for sealing to strength its sealing property.

    Pneumatic hose fittings can be divided into the following types: one-touch fitting, quick change fitting, two-touch fitting and pyramid fitting. Among them, One-touch fitting is used the most widely in hose fittings and has various types and complete sizes. Quick change fitting is especially suitable for pipeline that is often needed to be installed and dismantled, because tools are not necessary for it to loading and unloading quickly. Two-touch fitting is suitable for connecting nylon tube and plastic tube. Pyramid fitting is suitable for connecting rubber tube and plastic tube.

    When using pneumatic hose fittings to joint pipeline, it is necessary to compress air for eliminating impurities in pipe and joint. It also needs to take notice of proper torque when tightening up screwed pipe joint.
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