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Water Cooling Hose

The water cooling hose is suitable for mechanical cooling and can also be used on water purification equipment and electrolytic water machine. It can effectively improve the anti-rust ability, prolong the bending wear, the strong positioning support. Its alias is rubber water pipe, antifreeze liquid rubber tube, cooling liquid rubber tube, high temperature steam rubber hose, etc. It is a flexible, variable, and locatable metal hose, this product is widely used in lighting, electronics, machinery, medical equipment and other industries.

Generally, the working pressure of the common water cooling hose is 0.6-1 MPa. It can be used to the transportation of water, heat and steam, anti freezing fluid, cooling fluid, weak acid and weak alkali liquid of the water tanks, heat, radiators of automobile, construction machinery and other engines. It has the characteristics of wear-resistant, anti aging, high and low temperature resistance, weak acid and weak alkali, etc. The ozone aging resistance, when the ozone concentration is 50*10^8 and the ambient temperature is 40 C, the rubber tube is tested for 7 hours with no crack. The resistance to aging is obvious. The working temperature is at -30-120 ℃.
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