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Points for Attention of Installating Convoluted Tubing


(1) Some users' natural gas whistle is very close to the marble table, and the metal pipe joint needs to have a certain Angle, the minimum bending radius is greater than 30 millimeter. If the curvature is less than the radius of the above radius, it cannot be installed temporarily. There will be a metal convoluted tubing with elbow designed for this case in the near future.

(2) The sentinel is in the corner of the user's home and is blocked by the baffle. There is a safety hazard and needs to be rectification before installation. Check to see if the barrier is blocked by the partition, and whether the wrench is allowed (the wrench length is 20 centimeter).

(3) Some table stoves are too short to be installed temporarily.

(4) The use of gas burner is 8 years, more than 8 years of cooking utensils can not be installed.

(5) The stove without flame-out protection device can not be installed.

(6) The distance between the cooker and the pipe can't exceed 2 meters.

(7) If the user has already used metal convoluted tubing, and when he needs to replace the cooker, he should call the customer service hotline of 96707, and our professional staff will remove the corrugated convoluted tubing for you.

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