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Hose Fitting Material

  • Rubber Hose FittingsDecember 14, 2017The rubber hose fittings have many characteristics such as tensile strength, anti-aging, abrasion resistance, good gas tight performance and excellent radiation resistance. It is generally used in the...view
  • Nylon Hose FittingsDecember 14, 2017The products of nylon hose fittings produced by our company are resistant to high pressure, it is wear resistant, oil resistant and various chemical reagents resistant. The inner wall is smooth, the r...view
  • Stainless Steel Hose FittingsDecember 14, 2017view
  • Steel Hose FittingsDecember 14, 2017Product features:1. Earthquake resistance and safetya. The hose produced by the company has the resistance to tension. Under the pressure of 0.02 MPa, it can be extended by 40% when subjected to 1.8 K...view
  • Plastic Hose FittingsDecember 14, 2017Plastic hose fitting adopts nylon material, its working temperature at -40~100℃. Generally, as a supporting product of hoses, it can be connected to the cabinet of the equipment, or also can be inser...view
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