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Do You Know the Nine Advantages of Convoluted Hose? Ⅱ


7. It can transfer torque by itself. In the ordinary mechanical seal operation, sealed transfer structure must be added. And the structure is of a variety of forms, such as fork, pins, screws and the fastening to transfer torque performance. Generally if there is no extra torque, it can be used normally; and the structure will be simplified , avoiding the failure of transfer structure causing breakdown, in order to improve the reliability of the mechanical seal. When the working pressure of sealing machine of the convoluted tubing exceeds the allowable torque, usually there need to add increase fork structure in the structure , in order to increase its anti torque capacity and stability and play a supporting role which is widely used in high voltage and high speed sealing.

8. The design of a certain structure can reduce the failure due to the scaling in the water seal: in many areas, due to poor water quality, scaling index is high; besides there is no specific water softening device and the phenomenon that auxiliary seal ring of dynamic ring in common sealing machine becomes invalid because of water scaling has become a chronic problem. The convoluted tubing sealing should be designed into external cooling or static structure, which can effectively prevent the fouling. If the structure is unreasonable designed or improperly applied, convoluted tubing sealing is easy to fouling as well, and it will result in the failure of sealing. As a result, it is recommended to use cooling water as the water when using convoluted tubing, so that the work environment of convoluted tubing sealing will be greatly improved to extend the service life.

9. Remove the sealing oil in order to save cost in high temperature and ordinary mechanical sealing with impurity pump. Due to a variety of auxiliary seal ring and the friction pair of group under the limit of usage temperature will tend to inject flushing oil (oil seal) around the friction, and take effect on lubricating and reducing the sealing cavity temperature to establish an environment suitable for the working of various components. However, because the sealing oil flushing causing huge waste of money, choose the right amount of convoluted tubing sealing can not hit the sealing oil and save a lot of funds.

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