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Ash Hoses

    The ash hose has excellent cost performance (patented technology, which can be compressed with thin film packaging, low transportation cost and risk of damage, and the minimum storage space), the best resistance, the chemical properties of the flow performance, the bending degree is approximately the same as the outer diameter, and electrostatic charge through a spiral wire (conforming to PGP132 regulation).

    The ash hoses are mostly used in the steel wire spring tubes mainly for mechanical equipment, environmental protection equipment, medical equipment, chemical exhaust and suction, it has the characteristics of high temperature pressure resistance, acid resistance and alkali resistance, nontoxic and tasteless.

    The wall material of the hose tube is PVC, and the thickness of the tube wall is about 0.66-1.2 mm, spiral wire, and spring stainless steel wire.

    The product structure of the ash hose is TROPETE, and the elastic non embroidered steel is integrated with the tube wall. Its temperature tolerance range: about -40 degree ~+50 degree, normal working pressure: 800 P. The product is suitable for the exhaust system of corrosive gases such as acid and alkali.

    The ash hose has many advantages of  high strength, can be bent arbitrarily, without hard bending head, can reduce wind resistance, integrated molding, small air leakage,  corrosion resistant gases, such as acid and alkali, and not easy to aging.
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