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How Much do You Know about Tri Clamp?


“Tri clamp” is a mechanical device used for clamping work pieces on a machine tool. From the numbers of tri clamps, they can be divided as two-jaw tri clamp, cam-ring tri clamp, four-jaw tri clamp, tri clamp with holdfast and special tri clamp. According to the using power, they can be divided as hand tri clamp, pneumatic tri clamp, oil tri clamp, electric tri clamp and mechanical tri clamp.

1. The hand tri clamp is classified as cam—ring tri clamp and four-jaw tri clamp.

The code of cam—ring tri clamp is K11. Based on the size of tri clamp’s external diameter, it can be classified as K11160( it means the external diameter of tri clamp is 160mm), K11200,K11250,K11250C,K11250C/A16,K11320C,K11325C,K11380C and K11250C/A16 (it is used with CA6140 lathe specifically). The letter C represents the claws of the tri clamps are moveable ones; while the other without letter C represent the tri clamp accompanied by positive and negative claws. The code of four—jaw tri clamp is K72. On the basis of the size of tri clamp’s external diameter, it can be classified as K72250(it means the external diameter of tri clamp is 250 mm),K72320,K72500,K72630 and K72800, etc..

2.   All kinds of parts of hand tri clamps:

2.1 The tri clamp and principle axis are connecting with flange plate: for cam—ring tri clamp and four—jaw tri clamp, they should be f200,f250,f320,f400,f500 and f800, which shows that different models should match the corresponding flange plates.

2.2 The claws: they are installed on the tri clamp which belong to quick—wear parts. Varied models of tri clamps match varied claws.

As for cam—ring tri clamp, the claws are divided into three parts: the positive claw (end face with teeth), the anti claw (end face without teeth), and the movable claw (with screws, which can be used for positive and negative sides). Because of different manufacturers, the thickness and slot of tri clamps which have the same size are also different. For example, the K11160 claw is divided into four kinds: Hohhot 19 * 10 (mm) (thickness X groove width), Wafangdian City is 20 x 10 (thickness X groove width), Shanghai is 19 x 7 (width * groove width), Yan tai and Wuxi is 18 x 10 (groove width * thickness).

There are three kinds of claws for K11200: Hohhot is 22 * 10 (thickness * trough width), Wafangdian City and Yan tai are 20 * 10 (thickness * trough width), and Shanghai is 25 * 10 (thickness * trough width).

For K11250 claws , they are the same in the every manufacturer. As for movable claws (with screws, reversible), they have one kind of 250 tri clamp claw, nine kinds of 320 (325, 380) tri clamp claws including nine teeth and ten teeth. For thickness there are 34 and 36.

There are two kinds of four—jaw tri clamps containing K72320, K72400, K72500,K72630 and K72800.

Among them, K72500 claws are divided into 3 thickness as 42, 45 and 48.

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