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Rubber Hose Fittings

The rubber hose fittings have many characteristics such as tensile strength, anti-aging, abrasion resistance, good gas tight performance and excellent radiation resistance. It is generally used in the engine, water tank, radiators of automobile and engineering machinery as the access water pipe, the cooling water pipe, and in and out of the gas hose.

The external surface use imported raw rubber to ensure the stability of quality. The surface of rubber layer has luster and wear resistance. The surface will have a slight line of cotton thread because of the thickness of the wall. The thicker the wall, the lighter the thread. Polyurethane fibers in the middle of the rubber tube are white or brown. Add the number of fiber layers as needed. This can increase the hardness of the hose and increase the pressure. The inner wall of the rubber hose fitting is also the rubber layer of EPDM, it is smooth, uniform, no concave and convex particles, no fault.

The rubber hose fitting is composed of silica gel and cloth layer, the quality of the material of silica gel and cloth directly influence the relatedproperties of the rubber hose fitting. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of silicone materials and hose. The raw material of silica gel needs to be baked in a series of tests. And the rubber tube needs several tests, such as the water explosion test, the pulse strike test, the appearance inspection and so on.
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