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Chemical Hose

The soft wall hose of the chemical hose is PU material, which has the properties of anti-chemical corrosion, lightweight, high abrasion resistance, anti-staining, anti-swelling gas and so on. The chemical hose is a versatile chemical delivery hose, it can be used to transport a variety of acid substances, alcohols, salt solutions and petroleum-based products. It is widely used in conveying various chemical products, especially for conveying industrial water and water purification system.


Compared with the civilian hose, the industrial environment is more complicated, worse, and the equipment is more demanding. Therefore, the chemical hose has strict specifications and standards from design, material selection to production, transportation, and even final storage. The size of the chemical hose can be more widely, the range of pressure and temperature is wider, and the chemical resistance is higher.


The conducting stage extraction and delivery can exhaust almost all the corrosive chemicals: strong acids, high aromatic solvents, chlorinated or oxidized solutions, and aromatic hydrocarbons. Suitable for biopharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food processing applications, it is widely used in medicine, chemical industry and related industries of various fixed or mobile devices.It can be used for road or rail tanker to drain various chemicals, it is used for areas that may contain burst mixtures (blowout protection, antistatic accumulation, and explosion).
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