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Hydraulic Hose Fittings

    The hydraulic hose fittings are divided into two types: permanent and reusable. Which type is required depends on the specific requirements of the installation. The permanent connection of the pipe with the end of the hose with the way of hydraulic or pressure.
    If the hose needs to be replaced, whatever the reason is, the pipe must be scrapped. The reusable pipe fitting is fastened to the end of the hose with thread and clamp sleeve. If the hose have to be replaced, the pipe can be removed and reused. The hose fittings can be made of steel. Reliable fluid lines can reduce failures, maintenance time, spare parts and processing costs. It can also speed up the production cycle or solve other problems in other aspects.

    When considering installation, it is important to try to eliminate possible component failures when you encounter some key issues.
    In many cases, these are simple common sense. For example, the hose should be protected near the hot exhaust pipe. And we should ensure that the hose has a large enough radius of bending to avoid unnecessary torsion of the hose; The most suitable pipe fittings and accessories are used to simplify the pipeline; And the impact of the deflection area and vibration should be estimated.

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