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Discharge Hose

Discharge hose has the ability of anti-pressure and recovering as the discharge hose of automobile exhaust, it is also can used in some common exhaust system like exhaust fire main, railway aspiration system, above and below pipe network and fixed aspirator. Discharge hose is easy to curve, light, good mobility, fatigability resistance, abradability resistance, water decomposability resistance and boiling-water resistance. It has advantages like can keep good flexibility at the temperature from ﹣40℃ to 120℃, it has good resilience, good mechanical load performance resistance, high pressure resistance, crushing resistance and small bending radius and so on.

As discharge hose of automobile exhaust with enough fresh air ( about 50%), its exhaust temperature can lowest to ﹣60℃ and highest to ﹢200℃, if the material is good enough, it can up to ﹢450℃ in a short time. General materials are spiral coil: plastic spiral coil, tube wall: polyester sandwiched fabric and epiboly EPDM/PP. Internal and external surface has special Keveler fiber with high temperature glue, its external structure is heliciform and VA. Its inflaming retarding meets the standard of DIN 4102-B1.
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