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Oil Hose Fittings

    The oil hose fitting adopts Taiwan technology. It adopts double oil-less bearings and double spherical seal. It can automatically adjust the core and compensate to make the spring relatively static. And with the lubrication of thrust bearing in hot oil, the friction is reduced during the operation. As a result, it is not affected by the rotating force, and the rotation precision and the rotation speed are increased by two times and its compensation for the sealing surface is more stable. It has a reliable guarantee for the selection and processing technology of high-temperature materials and has a longer service life in the operation process.

    The oil hose fitting has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, oil resistance and so on. A few points should be paid attention to when it is installed.

    (1) in moving or being still, the oil hose fitting can neither be over-bent, nor bent at the root, and it should begin to bend at 1.5 times of its diameter at least.

    (2) when the oil hose fitting moves to the extreme position, it should be relaxed instead of being pulled too tight.

    (3) avoid the torsion deformation of the oil hose fitting as much as possible.

    (4) the oil hose fitting should be far away from the thermal radiation component as much as possible, if necessary, the insulation board should be installed.

    (5) the external damage to the oil hose fitting should be avoided, such as the long-term friction of the surface of the isomorphic parts in using.

    (6) if the weight of the hose causes excessive deformation, it should be supported.
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