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Application Range of Polyethylene Tubing


Application Range of Polyethylene Tubing

The automobile industry (mainly uses PP with metal additives: fender, ventilation pipe, fan, etc.), instruments (dishwasher door gasket, dryer ventilation pipe, washing machine frame and cover, refrigerator door gasket, etc.), consumer goods (lawn and garden equipment such as lawn mower and sprinkler, etc.), building indoor hot and cold water supply system and heating system.

1. Manufacturing and processing of chemistry and chemical storage tank

2. High acid and alkaline solution storage

3. Processing equipment building material

4. Electronic plating equipment container

5. Experimental equipment and utensil

6. General processing equipment

7. Scrubber, air filtration system, duct system

8. Exhaust gas treatment and washing system

9. Circuit printing plate pickling equipment

10. Electroplating bath

11. Medical application component

12. Computer digital processing center and precision equipment component

13. Transportation
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