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TYPE DEF - Diesel DEF urea solution dedicated delivery hose

TYPE DEF - Diesel DEF urea solution dedicated delivery hose

Diesel DEF urea solution dedicated delivery hose, highly clean environment, free of harmful ions vehicle SCR system components, in line with SAE J2902-2013 standards to protect vehicle SCR system to help diesel vehicles meet emissions regulations. Inside and outside the plastic dual anti-static, gas stations and other needs very appropriate song repeatedly Rao, friction car rolled places. 
Technical characteristics:
Special vehicles with urea solution green rubber formula to ensure a high degree of environmental clean urea solution, no secondary pollution, no damage to the SCR system. Super anti-aging, anti-song Rao, wear-resistant car rolled rubber protective layer. Double inner layer and an outer layer of anti-static proof design, comply with the requirements of the gas station filling metering. Antistatic safety, inside and outside the whole conductive layer over the intermediate metal hose line plus more reliably prevents the generation of electrostatic charge. Or connected via a conductive rubber layer metal fittings into the earth, to prevent the occurrence of danger.
Antistatic standard: Conductive rubber layer, specific resistance R<106 ohmm.
Note: Conventional rubber tubes and hoses do not meet the standards of urea, urea solution will pollute, poison for the SCR system, effect vehicle emissions standards.
Tube: Black anti-static, private car green rubber formulations with urea solution.
Reinforcement: High-strength synthetic fiber braid.
Cover: Black super super wear-resistant anti-static, anti-aging synthetic rubber.
Temperature range: -40 °C +90 °C
Standard/Approval: ROHS、PAHS、SAE J2902-2013

Part no.  ID OD Bending radius Work pressure  Bursting pressure Weight Length
inch mm mm mm bar bar kg/m m
DEF019 3/4" 19 28 120 14 56 0.42 60
DEF022 7/8" 22.2 32.2 190 14 56 0.55 60
DEF025 1" 25.4 37 200 14 56 0.72 60
DEF032 1-1/4" 31.8 46 250 10 40 1.1 36
DEF038 1-1/2" 38.1 53 300 10 40 1.37 30
DEF051 2" 50.8 68 400 10 40 2.06 20
It is available to common specification and size, pressure, length, weight, volume and other parameters in the table, and orders for special specifications can be received.

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