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Technology Leading Industry Level of Lining Fluori


CJan Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. developed a new product line, the product uses sintering process, through the high-temperature FEP/PFA particles in a special mold and stainless steel joints completely fused together, the relatively traditional pipe lining fluorine process, the joint has a thin layer of fluorine (only 2mm), diameter loss is small, durable, long life, and can be operated under negative pressure.

Can provide 3A, BPE, SMS, DIN, ISO and other standards of the fast loading joints, joint body material for stainless steel, the use of FEP/PFA particles sintering process. Mainly used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, oil industry. Transport milk, juice, beverage, wine, liquor, drinking water, raw material medicine, medicine, gelatin, fillings, eating oil, jam, cosmetics, flavors and fragrances, diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil, all kinds of fuel, such as oil products, chemical corrosive substances such as medium.
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